First decentralized short-video
e-commerce platform
A community of incentivized creators, advertisers and shoppers
Vudi is a shoppable video e-commerce platform
Here, anybody can be a creator and brands can have free advertisers. The company’s innovative way of shopping connects shoppers, creators, and advertisers on a single platform through videos, shopping, reviews, earning tokens, and many more

Vudi offers shoppers a new purchasing experience
Earn tokens while you shop
Get token:
To create and verify your account when you invite new member who register
To watch videos
To review products
When you buy products
Get creative with all that you have.
Everyone can be a creator and earn money
Create new and innovative videos of any of the products advertised on our platform.
Earn 5% on each purchase through your video.
Benefit from shoppers’ incentives.
Creators can buy few tokens to allot it to their videos to gain more views, purchases, and eventually more money.
Advertise and sell your products through creators for free and pay just 5% of the product sale
Get free advertisements from millions of creators through their videos using your products.
Use your own video or create one on our platform.
Set tokens to your product video- they will be listed as a reward video, increasing the watch time and ultimately the purchase.
Just pay 5% of the product sale to the creator when a sale is made through their video.
VUDI token is a utility token created on the Binance smart chain.
VUDI token is used for economic activity in the ecosystem.
How to get tokens?
Watch videos
Watch a full reward video and earn VUDI tokens.
Shoppers can pay for products using VUDI tokens directly from the video they are watching. Get tokens when you purchase using VUDI tokens.
Video creation
Earn tokens by creating videos on this platform and also earns 5% on each sale.
Shoppers can earn tokens by providing reviews on confirmed purchases.
Invite program
Shoppers will be rewarded in tokens if they invite people to register in Vudi platform along with the new users.
Total Supply
Marketing & liquidity
Company reserve
Early adopters
Seed round
Pre sale 1
Pre sale 2
Public sale
• Market research
• Concept creation
• Video SEO
• Idea development
• Team development
• Stablish company
• Whitepaper development
• Creation to test token
• Website launch
• Creation of the master project plan
• Third party tech evaluation
• VUDI token sale agreement
• Overall blockchain topology complete
• Tokenization complete for L1 platform
• Application backend mid tier design complete
• Terms VUDI token
• Deliver legal framework
• Community building
• Video Commerce platform prototype complete
• Whitepaper sign off
• Token topology and valuation complete
• Entire tech moved from DDD to delivery PMO office
• Smart contract development/approval
• Tokenomics sign off
• Start of marketing strategy
• Start of VUDI token pre-sale
• Engaged community on social media
• Binance smart contract deployment after approval
• Project management team
• Public Sale
• Full tech project fully funded and implemented 1yr.
• Beta tech core DB
• User tech front end system
• Scale test over all implementation
• Taxonomy code based inserted
• Core application design submitted
• Delivery scrums kicked off
• Advertiser early adoption phase, PR interest creation
• PMO clarity on exact agile delivery schedule
Julia Aragoneses
Blockchain Analyst
Yigit Sirinbursa
Web Dev. / SEM & SEO Consultant
Hugh Phelan
Token Legal Executive
Vatsal Raychura
Blockchain Security Engineer
Mike English
CEO of Vudi Blockchain
Vikas Kalyankar
Strategic Partnership Manager
Anna Habriichuk
Community Manager
Dr.Umme Thahira Khatoon
Researcher and Content Analyst.
Teena Dayal
Content expert
Pavel Velichko
Mark Doyle
Lorna Mason
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